November 15

Elated Elephants <3


Photo Credit Elated Elephant

Photo Credit Elated Elephant

Today I am going to be talking about my most favorite animal. As you saw in the title, yes it’s elephants. Elephants have been in my life for how long as I known. If I could describe elephants in three words it would be adorable, intelligent, and calm. After you read this, I hope you learn something about elephants. Keep reading!

Elephants are known as the largest land animal. They can also live to 70 years old. Elephants have poor eyesight, like me, but have amazing smell, also like me. They also have a favorite tusk, just like us, you know how we all have a favorite hand. Their trunk’s have more than 40,000 muscles. Elephants are like “superheroes”. They can listen with their feet, they can feel sub-sonic vibrations made by other elephants. They put their trunks on the ground, so they know where to step. Such lovable creatures, they greet each other by hugging each other with their trunks.

Did you know learn anything? If you did, comment down below of what you learned. If you hate elephants because you think they are evil madmen who are looking to destroy the world, well, you were WRONG! Elephants are lovable calm creatures. They wouldn’t even hurt a bug(I think). Check out the links below about elephants. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Fun Elephants and Save the Elephants

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8 thoughts on “Elated Elephants <3

  1. louise

    Great post Sarah! I am also an elephant lover, they are so graceful and wise. I love their eyes they speak from their soul.
    Rosie’s mum Lou

  2. rosiet23

    hey Sarah sorry I haven’t posted a comment on your blog for a while come check out my blog i have a few more posts you might like to read also have you been posting? I am not trying to be rude but after all you did promise your viewers weekly posts

    1. hmssarah (Post author)

      Hey Rosie,
      I posted my new weekly post. If you want to know more then subscribe to my blog for more updates. Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your blog as much. So much homework!

  3. Gianna

    Hi Sarah!

    I really like your post! Elephants are also my favorite animal. I really enjoying all the research you did for this post, you obviously put a lot of work into this. I find it interesting that elephants also have a dominant tusk, like we do with hands. I hope you can check out my blog. Here is the link:


  4. Hannah

    Dear Sarah,
    I love how you expressed that you love elephants and had many details about elephants. I also like that when you were describing things about elephants you put how elephants can relate to us. I know that there are different types of elephants, but how can you tell the difference between the different types? Lastly, why are elephants your favorite animals? If you would like to learn more about me or would like to look at someone’s blog, please come onto my blog at
    Blog on,

  5. Mikaela

    Hi Sarah! By reading your post I found out that elephants can live 70 years old! Wow, that’s incredible! Also, have you ever been on an elephant? I have, and it was an African Elephant and those are even larger than regular elephants! Anyways, I really enjoying your blog and you should come check out mine @ 🙂


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