February 26

Why I Think Whale Sharks Are Amazing| Weekly Post #46

Picture By: Wikipedia via Creative Commons

Hello everyone. 

I’ve come to talk about my recently favorite animal that everyone should love, whale sharks. 


I actually have a stuff animal whale shark currently sitting with me(her name is Dot) while I type this on my kitchen counter (if you direct your attention to your left you will see my snack bag named Harry and his twin brother with an unknown name). <– literal nonsense

Whale sharks are actually amazing creatures. Here’s why:

  • They are harmless and gentle animals
    • Ideal animals to swim with
    • Also, enjoys warm water temperatures
  • Their spots are like our fingerprints
    • Just like a snowflake
  • They look interesting when they eat
    • Check out this video: whale shark feeding
    • They eat very small things such as plankton, krill, fish eggs, and tiny fish
    • Answering to if a Whale Shark could eat a human: “…they won’t even eat seaweed-soaked rice, which is much smaller than a human and at least smells like the food they eat.” (via ‘Can Whale Sharks Swallow Humans?’ by Azula)
  • Whale sharks can grow up to 40 feet long
    • More to love (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

I hope you learned more about Whale Sharks and here’s the stuffed animal I bought from Amazon: Vintoys Very Soft Blue Whale Shark Big Hugging Pillow Plush Doll Fish Plush Toy Stuffed Animals 27″


6 Reasons It’s Not Impossible Not to Love Whale Sharks

10 Huge Facts About Whale Sharks



Love whale sharks: (bts’s new album title) hahaha 🙂 Ok, bye!





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