October 24

ZOom oUT |SBC Week 3 Part: 3

Hey guys! Welcome back to another post! Now, it’s Zoom Out post again. Here it is…. 

Picture By Flickr via Creative Commons 

There it is. Purple pastel crayons.💜 Usually, in these “picture” posts, I never say anything but, “Comment down below what you see or think what’s happening” but that’s not happening! Well, anyway, for these kind posts, I’M SERIOUSLY RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS! I was sitting in my chair at my computer with my earbuds listening to Taylor Swift Music (1989 or reputation as usual.) AND NOTHING. NOTHING WAS POPPING UP IN MY BRAIN FOR THIS POST, but luckily, I thought pastel and purple. I just typed it out and BAM, I got it. So, that’s how you see this picture. I’ll see you in Part 4! (I’m not really sure how many posts of this thing there is gonna be….) Bai!💜

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Hope You Enjoyed The Post! :)

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