September 6

TAYLOR SWIFT AGAIN!!|Weekly Post #25

Hey guys! It’s Sarah.

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Welcome back to another post! Today, I’m going to talk about Taylor Swift. I know it’s another post about her, but I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT!!! Since the release of her new music video, I’m going to do a post about the easter eggs in her new video. Let’s get started!

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When Taylor climbs out of the grave, she is wearing the dress from her music video, Out Of The Woods.


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When she is bathing in a bathtub of diamonds, you can see $1. People believe that it’s from her trial winning.

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In the bird cage, when Taylor is holding a fork with lobster, it’s a reference to Katy Perry’s Bon Appetit.

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When Taylor is robbing, she is wearing a cat mask in honor for her love for cats!

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When Taylor Swift dances with her male back up dancers, there are 8 of them. This shows of how many high-profile boyfriends she had.

Leave your easter egg in the comments from her new video. That’s it for this post. Bai! 🙂

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